Bachelor of Electrical Engineering (Honours)

I am pleased to welcome you to the Electrical Engineering Programme where we strive towards academic excellence, from the curriculum to broad range of applied learning experiences, research advancement and collaboration among industries and community.

Established in 2015, Bachelor of Electrical Engineering (Honours) is the first pure electrical engineering programme in Borneo. The programme is designed of the combination of technology and engineering aspects with integration of applied and skilled based knowledge. The programme is integrated with value-added competency professional certificates such as, Electrical Wiremen G2 Certification, Electrical Wiremen G1 Certification,Chargeman L1 Certification. All of these value added certificates is accredited programme by Electrical Inspectorate Unit (EIU), Ministry of Public Utilities, Sarawak.

The programme has been striving to produce well balanced and highly skilled engineers in the field of electrical and electronics engineering and fulfill the requirements of the current needs in the job market. In the context of Sarawak, it will catalysed by Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy (SCORE) the demand for electrical engineers is in high demand. This programme is accredited and recognized by the Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM).

I invite you to explore our site and learn about our competitive academic programs, supportive learning environment and modern facilities.


Ts. Nuramalina binti Bohari

Head of Programme Electrical Engineering